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About Us 

Welcome to Blockchain 420 Inc., where we dare to reimagine the future of finance and energy, one token at a time. Founded on the ethos of empowerment and inclusivity, we are not your typical blockchain company. We are a collective movement, a revolution that aims to usher in an era of financial freedom and sustainable energy solutions for everyone, everywhere. We are the vanguards of a brave new world where love, care, and blockchain technology intertwine to create a thriving global community.

The Genesis of Our Mission
Inspired by the Yoruba spiritual principles, the power of the Orishas, and the great African legacy of King Mansa Musa, we stand at the intersection of history, mythology, and cutting-edge technology. We seek to emulate Mansa Musa, known as the wealthiest individual and the most generous philanthropist in human history, and incorporate his vision into our core values. Our African heritage shines through in our endeavors, serving as a continuous reminder of the limitless potential that resides within us all.

Introducing The Love Care Coin (TLCC)
At the heart of our mission is The Love Care Coin (TLCC). More than just a digital asset, TLCC embodies our aspirations of empowerment and global change. We have designed TLCC to be a bridge to financial freedom, connecting communities across the globe through our intuitive and secure digital wallet. With TLCC, anyone, anywhere, can become a part of the global decentralized financial revolution.

Blockchain Technology for Transparency and Security
We leverage the robustness of blockchain technology to ensure unparalleled transparency and security in all transactions. Our aim is to facilitate fast, affordable, and reliable remittances, enabling a new era of bank-less transactions. Through our unique affiliate programs, we invite everyone to share in our success and spread the LOVE.

Our Track Record
Since our inception, we've garnered a thriving community of over 2,500 satisfied clients and sold more than 4 million tokens. Our passionate team of employees and volunteers ensures the smooth operation of our vision, working tirelessly to make TLCC a global symbol of empowerment and financial inclusivity.

Our Vision for the Future
Our promise to bring change transcends beyond words. We're steadfast in our commitment to dedicate a significant 20% of our profits to causes close to our hearts. From combating human trafficking and narcotraffic to spearheading zero-point energy initiatives, we are committed to being the change we wish to see in the world.

We invite you to join our revolution, where financial freedom and sustainable energy are more than mere ideals - they're our shared reality. Invest in The Love Care Coin, be part of the Blockchain 420 revolution, and together, let's reshape the world. Stand with us at the dawn of a new era, where every token is a step towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Roberto Benitez

Founder and CEO

Mughira Pal

Chief Creative Officer