White Paper

  • Blockchain 420 Inc.:

    Revolutionizing Decentralization and Energy with TLCC2024: A Year of Strategic Advancements and Security Enhancements

    • Q1 - A Golden Dawn:

      January marks the launch of our advanced Safe BEP-20 smart contract for TLCC, establishing a new standard in secure, decentralized transactions.

      This upgrade underscores our commitment to providing a robust foundation for our users' investments and innovations.

      Website Reinvention: In response to our evolving mission, Blockchain420.io undergoes a significant redesign, enhancing functionality and user experience to better serve our community's needs.

      Comprehensive Decentralized Platform Launch: Our platform now boasts full integration of advanced DeFi capabilities, including staking, swapping, and bridging—facilitating a versatile, user-friendly environment that supports all the major functions of decentralized finance without explicit branding of our partner, yet maintaining a "white hat" approach to collaboration.

      Security at its Core: Following an extensive and verified audit, our platform reaffirms its commitment to security and reliability, ensuring user confidence in the integrity and safety of their transactions.

      Transparency Unleashed: Post-audit, we proudly disclose all findings, ensuring complete transparency and accountability, which reinforces trust and stability across our network.

      Leap Year Launch - February 29, 2024:
      List TLCC on Exchanges: Celebrating Leap Year Day, TLCC is listed on major exchanges, enhancing accessibility and providing a gateway for new users to engage with our token and platform.

    • The Redesigned Tokenomics of TLCC:

      TLCC's tokenomics have been meticulously crafted to embody our ethos of empowerment and accessibility:

      • Team and Advisors Wallet (20%): Reserved to fuel the passion and ingenuity of our dedicated team and advisors, driving forward our mission of revolutionizing the status quo.

        Community Rewards Pool (30%): Allocated to incentivize active participation and foster a sense of belonging within our ever-growing community.

        Development Fund (15%): Designated to fuel innovation, research, and development efforts that propel us towards our collective vision of a brighter future

        Marketing and Partnerships (15%): Dedicated to amplifying our message, forging strategic alliances, and expanding our reach to new horizons.

        Public Sale and Liquidity (20%): Reserved for public sale and liquidity provision, ensuring accessibility and liquidity for all who seek to join our movement.

    • Q1 & Q2 - Building Momentum:

      Marketing Frenzy: A concentrated global marketing campaign will propel our mission across various channels, including AMAs, social media blasts, and major conventions, aiming to educate and engage a broader audience.

      Celebrating Milestones: The community will witness significant token burns in celebration of social media engagements and staking milestones, emphasizing the deflationary aspect of TLCC and its value appreciation.

      2025: The Year of Growth and Community EngagementPlatform Evolution: In Q1 and Q2, we will enhance user interfaces and staking processes, setting new industry standards for ease of use and functionality.

      Decentralized Platform for Scientific Endeavors: Starting in 2025, we will focus on launching a specialized platform dedicated to scientific research and development.

      This initiative will provide a secure and decentralized environment where scientists can share their work, replicate successful experiments, and collaborate without fear of data tampering or loss.

      Community Driven Development: Community feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping the future functionalities of TLCC and its platforms, ensuring that our growth aligns with the needs and expectations of our users.

      Beyond 2025: Commitment to Sustainable InnovationContinuous Platform Innovation: We will keep evolving with the latest in blockchain technology and user feedback, ensuring TLCC remains at the forefront of decentralized finance and scientific research.

      Sustainable Expansion Strategies: Our long-term strategies focus on meaningful growth, leveraging TLCC to drive financial empowerment and support sustainable technological advancements.

      Support for Free Energy Research: Ongoing investments into free energy research underline our commitment to sustainability and innovation, helping to power future advancements with TLCC.

      Community First Approach: Regular community meetups, feedback sessions, and governance votes will keep our users engaged and involved in the decision-making processes, truly embodying the motto "Power For The People".

      Join the TLCC Revolution:Blockchain 420 Inc. invites you to be part of a transformative movement. With TLCC, we are not just participating in the digital currency space; we are setting the foundation for a sustainable future, where decentralized finance empowers everyone, everywhere.