White Paper


White Paper

The Love Care Coin

The Love Care Coin (TLCC):
A Revolution in Blockchain Technology Bridging the Financial Gap with Love and Care Empowering Communities Worldwide Through Decentralized Financial Systems Blockchain 420 Inc. is more than just a company in a world inundated by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We are a movement, a revolution, a beacon of hope on the horizon of financial inclusivity. We stand tall, committed to changing the world with Love and Care. Our mission is deeply rooted in the spiritual principles of the Yoruba religion, the Orishas, the seven African powers, and the great legacy of King Mansa Musa. Often regarded as the wealthiest individual who ever lived and the greatest philanthropist of all time, King Mansa Musa graces our token as a symbol of our African heritage, and the boundless potential that lies within each of us.

The Love Care Coin (TLCC) is not just a cryptocurrency, it's a symbol of empowerment, a tool for change, and a testament to our commitment to the Pan African Diaspora, humanity, and our planet. We envision TLCC as more than just a currency. It's a lifeline, a bridge that connects communities worldwide to financial freedom. By offering our free wallet, available online and in Google and Apple stores, anyone with internet access can partake in the global decentralized financial systems of cryptocurrency investing. Our blockchain technology guarantees transparency and security in your transactions. We're enabling fast, affordable, and reliable remittances, paving the way for bank-less transactions worldwide. Beyond this, we offer unique affiliate links so you can profit by sharing LOVE with others.
Our Impact So Far:
We've already left our mark, boasting over 2,500 happy clients, with over 4 million+ tokens sold. Our dedicated team of 10 ensures the seamless operation of our vision, and we're just getting started.
Our Future Plans:
Our commitment to change goes beyond mere words. We pledge to use a portion of the 20 percent of profits we generate to further the causes we hold dear. These causes include a steadfast resolve to stop human trafficking and narcotraffic, along with backing zero point energy development initiatives.
Token Allocation:
We have a clear and transparent token allocation strategy:
- 10% Airdrop / Staking Rewards
- 11% Commission / Link rewards
- 10% Marketing
- 19% Game Development IFE
- 20% Exchange / Liquidity
- 15% Team
- 10% Token Burn / Community
- 5% The Higher Love Foundation Charity
This allocation ensures the sustainable growth of the TLCC ecosystem, incentivizes community participation, and supports our commitment to social causes.
TLCC Token Details:
- Total Supply: 4,200,000,000 TLCC
- Holders: 3 addresses
- Transfers: 3
- Contract: [0x4753e3e0f07043f9a175124a276128cb7f9f4ace]( - token/0x4753e3e0f07043f9a175124a276128cb7f9f4ace)
- Decimals: 8
- Official Site: [](
Prior to listing all token holders with TLCC in their wallets will be alerted to enable self-custody so that they can trade their tokens when we list if they so desire We believe in a world where financial inclusion is a reality, not just a dream. And with Blockchain 420 Inc., we are making that dream a reality, one token at a time. Join us on this journey, where financial freedom and empowerment are not just ideals, but our shared reality. Invest in The Love Care Coin, be a part of the Blockchain 420 revolution, and together, let's change the world.

White Paper

NFT game IFE

The Orisha Series:
Embrace the Essence of Ancient Deities in NFT Form Step into the realm of mythology and embrace the essence of the Orisha deities with our highly anticipated Orisha Series NFTs. Each NFT in this collection is a masterpiece, beautifully crafted to capture the divine presence and power of these ancient African gods and goddesses. Discover the Guardians of Humanity The Orisha Series introduces you to the Guardians of Humanity, powerful beings who have watched over the world since time immemorial. From Ogun, the fearless warrior and blacksmith, to Yemaya, the nurturing and protective mother of the oceans, each Orisha brings their unique strengths and qualities to the collection.
Unleash the Power of NFTs:
But the Orisha Series is more than just art; it's an opportunity to own a piece of history and tap into the power of blockchain technology. Each NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset, secured on the blockchain for eternity. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the NFT world, the Orisha Series offers an unforgettable experience.
King Mansa Musa and the Mighty Lions of Mali:
The Next Chapter Awaits, As the Orisha Series sets the stage, get ready for the next chapter in our epic gaming journey. The Mighty Lions of Mali, led by the noble King Mansa Musa, will soon join the ranks of NFT characters. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure, where you become part of the legendary Lions of Mali, harnessing the power of dark matter to bring love and care to the world.
Join the Journey:
At Blockchain 420 Inc., we believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to unite communities. The Orisha Series and the upcoming King Mansa Musa and the Lions of Mali NFTs are just the beginning of a grand saga. We invite you to join us on this epic journey, where history, mythology, and blockchain technology intertwine to create a world of endless possibilities.
Stay Tuned:
Follow us on our social media channels to stay updated on the release dates, exclusive events, and more. This is just the beginning - together, we'll reshape the gaming and NFT landscape, one Orisha at a time. Become a part of history. Embrace the Orisha Series NFTs and unleash the power of the divine.