About Us

Welcome to Blockchain 420 Inc., a revolutionary hub where groundbreaking ideas in energy and finance converge. Here, we're not just part of the conversation; we're leading it. Our mission goes beyond the ordinary – we're on a quest to unlock the secrets of free energy and redefine the financial landscape with our state-of-the-art decentralized platform.

  • Unleashing Free Energy: A Quest Rooted in History

    Drawing inspiration from the limitless energy potential known to icons like Nikola Tesla and the ancient Egyptians, we're committed to funding and publicizing cutting-edge research on zero-point energy. Our goal? To make this extraordinary science openly accessible on the blockchain, paving the way for global replication. We're not just dreaming of a world powered by free energy – we're making it a reality.

  • TLCC: A Currency with a Cause

    Enter The Love Care Coin (TLCC) – not just a cryptocurrency, but the heartbeat of our movement. Anchored in the profound spirituality of Yoruba religion and the rich tapestry of African heritage, TLCC is more than a digital asset; it's a tool for transformation. It represents our unwavering commitment to not only financial freedom but also to harnessing energy that can power cities cleanly, provide essential resources like potable water, and eliminate hunger.

  • A Decentralized Platform Like No Other

    At Blockchain 420 Inc., our decentralized platform is the foundation of our financial revolution. It's designed to empower, to democratize, to give control back to the people. And we're not just talking – we're delivering. With TLCC, we offer a staggering 11% interest for staking, one of the best rates in the market. This isn't just an investment; it's an opportunity to be part of a movement that rewards you as it grows.

  • Community-Driven, Transparent, Empowering

    Transparency and community are at the heart of everything we do. Our platform is built on principles of democratic governance, allowing every TLCC holder to have a say in our journey forward. We believe in full disclosure, in a system where trust is not just expected but assured.

  • Join the Blockchain 420 Revolution

    We're calling on dreamers, innovators, and believers to join us in this revolutionary journey. Invest in TLCC, stake your claim in a better future, and watch as your investment grows not just in value but in impact.

  • And there's more – get ready for our upcoming Orisha Series NFTs and the King Mansa Musa and the Lions of Mali series, merging the richness of our heritage with the limitless possibilities of digital art.

  • Blockchain 420 Inc. is more than a company; we are a movement. A movement dedicated to bringing "Power For The People," a movement where financial empowerment and energy liberation go hand in hand. Join us, and be part of a future where every token, every stake, every investment is a step towards a world of free energy and fair finance.